AIC, Inc. Newsletter
Volume 3: December 1999

Welcome to this issue of AIC's Newsletter.

We would like to say welcome to our new customers and many thanks to our long time customers. This last newsletter of 1999 should have something for everyone and a lot of good information about our services. We hope you enjoy this special holiday issue.


Happy Holidays - Wishing you a Happy Holidays from all of us at AIC, Inc.
DSL - More explanations of our DSL services and as well as what DSL is all about.
National Dial-Up Coverage - AIC, Inc. reaches across most of the 48 contiguous states.
News Server Change - We will be changing our news (NNTP) service provider.
Holiday gate contest - The palace winners of the AIC, INC. Holiday gate contest.


Are You Addicted to the Net? - Learn more about this potentially serious problem.

Power Tips

Windows 3.1 is not Y2K Compliant - Upgrade from this potentially dangerous version of Windows.
Safely Surging - How to protect your computer from electrical storms.
The Graphics Library - Storing your graphics using the Library feature of ClarisWorks Office.
  ...and more!

Reviews & Resources

Click and Save - Save locally all year round at this handy site.
The Return of Mozilla - Learn more about the battle of the Internet browsers.
Searching Beyond the Web - Can't find it on the Web? Search here.
  ...and more!