Power Tips

Windows 3.1 is not Y2K Compliant   (Windows 3.X)

   Those of you who are still running Windows 3.1 are doing so at great peril. With the new millenium just around the corner, you should know that this operating system is not Y2K compliant. If you're running applications and storing data for a business, or even for pleasure, January 1, 2000 could bring you nothing but grief. Furthermore very few if any of the newer software applications will run on Windows 3.1. You are urgently advised to upgrade to Windows 98 or at least Windows 95.

Safely Surging   (General)

   Did you know your computer can still be fried by lightning even if you have one of those handy surge protectors. Lightning doesn't care which copper wire it travels down and the least suspected line is your modem line. Most modem lines are not protected by surge protectors. If you want to be totally safe buy a surge protector that has an input/output for a phone line and make sure you use it. If not, your best bet to save EVERTHING during a storm, is to disconnect your modem from the wall.

The Graphics Library   (ClarisWorks Office)

   This Library is a great place to store graphics, text or spreadsheets cells for future use. Select the item you would like to add to the Library, click File/Library/New, then click on Add. Next time you want to reuse the object, just drag a copy of it from the Library into your document.

Plug-and-Pray?   (Windows98)

   "Plug and Pray" - that's what the plug-and-play feature of Windows used to be called. The Windows 98 version is much improved. This newer version helps your PC automatically recognize new hardware, drivers and other devices when you start installing them. It also reboots and initializes your system automatically. Just plug in your new components, sit back and follow the on screen instructions. Windows 98 will do the rest.

Always On Top of Things   (Windows 95/98/NT)

   Whenever you are reading a Windows help topic, it can get annoying if have to keep switching back and forth between the program and Help file. Why not have the Help window(s) always stay on top? First, open up any Help topic, go to the Help menu and click Always on Top. The Help file will now always appear above any open programs until you remove the check mark from Always On Top.

Extra PC For FREE!   (Windows 95/98/NT)

   Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a PC for every member of the family? Well you can - sort of. OK, it's not really an extra computer for everyone, but it's the closest thing and it's free. Click Start/Settings/Control Panel and then the Users icon. Click the New User button and follow the quick instructions. What will this do? Well for one, every person who uses your PC at home or at work can create their own custom desktop with their personal shortcuts, wallpapers, backgrounds, sounds and settings. All the user has to do after the setup is enter their username and password, and their customized version of Windows 98 will load when they log in. "One for all and all for one!"

Hanging Around Too Long?   (Windows 95/98/NT)

   If you get hung up in Windows and the usual Ctrl-Alt-Delete combination key press does not respond, press Ctrl-Escape. This should bring up the START menu from which you can shut down your system a little more safely. If that doesn't work, then you may have to use the three-finger-salute above.

Shortcuts To Email Recipients? (Netscape)   (Netscape 4.X)

   If you use Netscape and Messenger as your email client, you're going to love this tip. You can quickly and easily Bookmark your email addresses to quickly send mail by following these steps:

  1. launch Netscape and press Ctrl+B to open your bookmark file
  2. click on the Toolbar Folder then File then New Folder
  3. in the Bookmark Properties box enter a name for the folder, like Address Book and click OK
  4. right-click on the new Address Book (or whatever you named it) and select New Bookmark
  5. now enter the name of the recipient and the email address preceded by "mailto:" in the URL field (for example, mailto:bob@bob.com) then click OK
  6. repeat steps 4 and 5 to add additional recipients
  7. next time you want to send mail, just click on the Address Book you added to the Personal Toolbar and select your recipient

Pretty neat huh!

Shop Safe, Shop Fast   (Windows98)

   Shopping online is fast, safe and more than often, cheaper. The only inconvenience is having to have all your credit card numbers and expiration dates handy when you find that deal. Problem? No problem! If you're using IE 4.0, click View/Internet Options/Content. At the bottom of the window click on the Payments button, then select Add to let the wizard guide you through the process of securely adding your credit card information. If at any time you're interrupted and asked to load the CreditCard wallet extension, click Install, then proceed as instructed above. Happy shopping!

Do You Have All of IE4?   (IE 4.X)

   The easiest way to update missing or out-of-date IE4 components is to select Microsoft on the Web/Free Stuff from the IE4 Help menu. Once you're at the Microsoft site, find and click on the link that says "Click here to go to the 4.0 Add-Ons page." Then click on the Internet Explorer 4.0 Components link. Finally, let it scan your hard drive; it will tell you the status of each component and give you the option to upgrade any combination of items.