All you speed-hungry Web surfers will be happy to know that Access Internet now offers 56K Internet access and supports the new V.90 modem standard. Use this site to learn about the technology and what it can offer you and to see if 56K access is offered in your area.
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blank 56K Internet Access Phone Numbers

Looking for fast access in your backyard? Check here for all the 56K and V.90 dial-up Internet access numbers we currently offer, as well as those that are coming soon.

blank V.90 FAQ

Get all the FAQs about V.90, 56K, x2, K56flex, and you.

blank Upgrading to V.90

Find out if your modem can be upgraded to the new standard.

blank 56K Test Results and Reviews

Not sure yet? These independent test results for 56K modems and reviews of the technologies may help you decide what is right for you.