56K Test Results and Reviews

Before you buy a new modem, take a look at the following results for independent tests of 56K modems and reviews of the technology to help you decide if 56K is right for you.


Here are test results for 23 modems (both x2 and K56flex), reviews, discussions, and recommendations.

Data Communications

Read about test results for 18 modems (both x2 and K56flex). Or go straight to their recommended Top Performers.

ZD Net: Whole Web Catalog

This 56K special report features reviews, discussions, and survey results.


This site has a buyer's guide, an upgrade guide, modem reviews, and even a glossary of terms.

Internet Week

Find out about the pros and cons of 56K.

PC Week

This article compares x2 and K56flex modems.

CMP Net: Breaking the Speed Limit

This site covers the full range of speed and connectivity issues, including 56K and ISDN, news, resources, forums, and a K56flex answer man called Dr. Speed.