Leased Line Connections Option:

The Leased Line Option provides a high-speed (up to T1*) connection between your corporate servers or LAN and the Internet through Dedicated Lines or Frame Relay connections. This option is intended to provide Internet connectivity in applications where routing for multiple static IP addresses and high-speed data transfer (greater than 56K) are required.

Besides reliable service at realistic prices, we provide a full-service Internet connection that goes beyond a simple hook-up. Our Leased-Line service is backed by our experience in providing managed Internet connectivity for major corporations and government agencies. Our technicians are well versed in all commercial Internet security products and procedures and can help you establish systems and procedures to meet your specific requirements.

Internet Connection - Frame Relay
Service Type Install Monthly
Telco ISP Telco ISP
Frame Relay (56K ADN) $1009 $360 $125 $250
Frame Relay (128K HICAP) $1009 $360 $325 $350
Frame Relay (384K HICAP) $1009 $360 $575 $450
Frame Relay (T1 HICAP) $1009 $360 $675 $550

Please call our business office at 408-777-8190 to discuss your needs or use our on-line quote request form.

Note: * We can arrange leased line connectivity up to T3 bandwidth direct from your facility to the Internet backbone through our special arrangements with national backbone carriers.