Leased-Line Quote Request

Contact Information
This section provides contact information so we can get back in touch with you about your requirements.
Email Address:
Postal Address:
 State:  Zip:

Service Location Description
This section describes the service location for installation of leased-line connectivity and is used to determine local carrier charges for the physical line installation and maintenance.
Postal Address:
 State:  Zip:
Area Code-Prefix:

Local Network Description
This section describes the computer or network you wish to connect to the Internet and helps us determine routing and IP address space requirements.
    Type of Network: LAN - Single physical location and domain space
  WAN - Multiple physical locations or domain spaces
Network Protocol:
# of Computers/Devices:
Running TCP/IP?:
YES  NO  Planned 
Internet used for:
Email  WWW  Gopher 
FTP  UseNet News 
Throughput required:

Type of Service
We has three levels of service to meet your organization's needs. Please choose the level of service you require.
    GOLD Service: WE provides site router
CSU/DSU and routing management along with UseNet newsfeed.
SILVER Service: Your organization provides site router and CSU/DSU
We manages routing.
BRONZE Service: You provide site router and CSU/DSU along with routing management.

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