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Domain Name Registration:

A domain name is the name by which your particular piece of Internet real estate is known. It is used to route your Email and to point the world at your Web Site.

Domain Name Rules

  • If you know the domain name you wish to register, go directly to our Domain Name Request Form
  • OpenSRS is a wholesale domain name registration service that uses Open Source principles to ensure equal participation for as many companies and individuals as possible. Sponsored by, OpenSRS has been accredited as a domainregistrar by ICANN and Nominet. It has also been recognized by the United States Government and Network Solutions.

    Virtual Domain Names

    Virtual domain name can be registered for any Business PPP, Premium PPP or Web Hosting account. A virtual domain name allows you to use your company or organization name for your email address, your web site.


    Domain names are issued and managed by OpenSRS in the United States. Charges for domain name service are as follows:

    * must be requested since not created by default

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