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Domain Name Transfers:

These are the procedures for transferring your domain name from another ISP to ours.

Your virtual domain name should be completed on our domain name and web servers within a hour of receiving your request (as long as everything is correct). It will then be submitted to InterNIC. Since this virtual domain name is a transfer from another ISP, Network Solutions, Inc. (InterNIC) requires acknowledgement from the former ISP before it will be transferred to us. You must use your previous account and perform this acknowledgement or have the previous provider hostmaster do this for you.

Update to a domain record must be submitted by the current administrative or technical contact of the domain. Both contacts will be notified of this update request. If either contact replies to the message sent and acknowledges that the request should be completed, the update will be processed.

If you plan on doing this you should include the following in reply to the email that Network Solutions, Inc. (InterNIC) sends you. Enter "A" or "ACK" in item 0a if you agree or enter "N" or "NAK" in item 0a if you disagree.

If you no longer have the account at the previous provider you should try contacting their hostmaster and asking them to reply to the Network Solutions, Inc. (InterNIC) email. Or ask them to temporarily enable your account so that you may receive the email.

We will contact you via email or voice after the completion of the virtual domain name.

The process for moving domain names is as follows:

  1. will submit an MODIFY DOMAIN NAME form. You must forward this email with the template intact. Be sure to only delete the information that we've added to the template. Don't delete any part of the template. You will see the words do not delete bellow this line in the email. Send the email to from an email address that's one of the contact email addresses for your domain name. The email address will be the one you originally had when you set up the domain name.

  2. InterNIC will send you an email saying they received your request. The email will contain a ticket number for tracking purposes. Print out a copy of this email and put it in a safe place. You may need the tracking number later. They will also send you another email within 4 hours. You'll need to send them a reply with an A on the first line (0a.) to acknowledge that you want them to move your domain name. They won't move it unless you acknowledge it. That's how they verify that someone else isn't trying to move your domain.

  3. After you have completed the top 2 steps it will take 1-3 days for your domain name change to go through.
Sometimes there is a problems and domain names transfers are held up and not processed. If your domain transfer isn't processed within a week, it's best to call the InterNIC directly at (703) 742-4777. Be sure to have your ticket number ready when you call.

Some common causes for domain registration being held up are:

Before you call the InterNIC you can contact us at hostmaster and we'll check to verify that your domain is active.
If the email account you had when you registered the domain name is no longer valid, you can:
  1. Forward the URGENT MODIFY DOMAIN CHANGE from your current account.
  2. Call the InterNIC to get your tracking number and explain the situation. Request a format for the authorization letter.
  3. Fax the InterNIC authorization for the move to (703) 742-9552.

To update address or contact information with the InterNIC go to:

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