Using WS FTP / Windows

This page will give you the essentials for using WS FTP with Access Internet.


  1. Launch WS FTP
  2. In Profile Name: field enter Access Internet
  3. In Host Name/Address: field enter
  4. Check Anonymous
  5. Click Apply
  6. Click OK to connect

  7. You are now connected to
    Notice at the top left side Local System and at the top right side Remote System
    Remote System - Is the FTP site you are connected to.
    Local System - Is your computer.

    Under each of these words is a field indicating what directory you are in.


  1. To transfer files (download/upload) select the file you would like to copy and use the Arrow Key buttons.
  2. To delete a file click once the file then click the Delete button under the section your are in (Either Local System or Remote System)

  3. Apply the same concepts as the previous step to rmdir (Remove Directory), chdir (Change Directory), rename (Rename file/directory), etc.

  4. If interested in some of the other features of WS_FTP, refer to WS_FTP's help file by clicking the HELP button while in WS_FTP.