Using The Palace

This page gives you the essentials of using The Palace client in Microsotft Windows 95/98/NT.

First-time setup:

  1. Launch The Palace

  2. If you still don't have a Palace Client registration code you must obtain one from The Palace website.

    If you receive the Welcome window...

    Click the Activate Membership button.

  3. At the Membership Activation window

    • In the Name: field enter your full name
    • In the Organization: field either leave it blank or enter your organization name
    • In the Membership Activation: enter your registration code you received
      from The Palace website in the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX form.

    Click OK

    If your registration went through you should receive the Membership Activatied form.
    Click OK

Connecting to a Palace server:

  1. Launch The Palace

  2. Click File

    Select Connect to a Palace

  3. At the Connect window enter the Palace Server you would like to connect to and the Address.
    NOTE: The Address is 9998 by default unless specified otherwise.

    Click Ok

That's it!