MS Windows NT 4.0 Setup

This page will provide you instructions to setup Windows NT for to dial-up with Access Internet. At this point you should have a valid username, password, and your Windows NT 4.0 CD-ROM.

Install Dial-up Networking

  1. Double click My Computer then double click Dial-up Networking

  2. If at this point you received a message stating:
    The phonebook is empty. Press O.K. to add an entry
    skip to the next section Create a Dial-up Networking Connection

    If the Dial-up Networking window came up with the phonebook list and the option to dial skip to the next section Create a Dial-up Networking Connection

    Otherwise, click Install
    then enter the path to your NT 4.0 installation files (for example D:\i386)
    and click OK.

  3. Verify the correct modem is selelcted in RAS Capable Devices
    Then click OK

    If you didn't see a modem listed:

    1. Click Install Modem

    2. The Install New Modem wizzard should come up.
      Click Next to have Windows NT detect your modem.

    3. Once NT detectes your modem continue through the wizzard.

      NOTE: If Windows NT couldn't detect a modem, you'll be presented with a list of modems. Select your modem from the list and proceed. If you couldn't find your modem listed you will need to refer to your modem's documenation or contact the manufacturer.

  4. Select your modem and click Configure

  5. Select Dial Out Only

    Click OK

  6. Click Network

    • Uncheck NetBEUI
    • Check TCP/IP
    • Uncheck IPX

    Click OK

  7. Click Continue in the Remote Access Setup window.

  8. After Dial-up Networking installation is complete, click Restart

Create a Dial-up Networking Connection

  1. Double click My Computer then double click Dial-up Networking
  2. If you receive the message:
    The phonebook is empty...
    Click OK

    Otherwise, click New

  3. If the New Phonebook Entry Wizard comes up,

    I know all about phonebook entries and
    would rather edit the properties directly

    and click Finish

  4. In the Entry name: field enter: Access Internet

    In the Area code: field: enter the proper area code.

    In the Phone number: field: enter a local POP (Point Of Presence).
    NOTE: Refer to our Points Of Presence (POPs) for a local number to you.

    Check Use Telephony dialing properties

    Under Dial using: make sure your modem is selelcted.

    Uncheck Use another port if busy

  5. Click Configure...

    1. Set the Initial speed (BPS) to:
      1. 19,200 if you have a 14.4k modem
      2. 38,400 if you have a 28.8k/33.6k modem
      3. 115,200 if you have a 56k modem

    2. Under Hardware Features
      1. Check Enable hardware flow control
      2. Check Enable modem error control
      3. Check Enable modem compression

      Uncheck Disable modem speaker

      Click OK

    3. Select the Server tab

      Under Network protocols
      • Check TCP/IP
      • Uncheck IPX/SPX compatible
      • Uncheck NetBEUI

      Check Enable software compression
      Uncheck Enable PPP LCP extensions

    4. Click TCP/IP settings

      Select Server assigned IP address

      Select Specify name server addresses

      • Primary DNS:
      • Secondary DNS:
      • Leave Primary WINS and Secondary WINS servers at
      • Uncheck IP header compression
      • Check Use default gateway on remote network

      Click OK

    5. Select the Script tab

      Select None

      Click OK

    6. You will now be in the Dial-up Networking program, and the phone book entry we just created should be selected in the Phonebook entry to dial button.

      Click the Dial button.

    7. In the User name: field enter your 'username'

      In the Password: field enter your 'password'
      (NOTE: Your password is case sensative)

      Leave the Domain field blank

      Click OK to Dial