Configuring Forté Free Agent

This page will give you the essentials in settings up your Forté Free Agent software to work with Access Internet.


  1. Launch Forté Free Agent

  2. Click Options and select General Preferences

  3. From the General Preferences window under the User tab:

    • In the Email Address: field enter your Email address.

    • In the Full Name: field enter your name as you would like it to appear on all outgoing messages.

    • In the Organization: field enter your organization, you may leave this field blank if you wish.

    • The Reply-To: field should be left blank unless you would like people to reply to another email address like, or

  4. From the General Preferences window select the System tab.

    • In the News Server: tab enter

    • In the Email Server: tab enter

    Click OK

  5. NOTE: At this point, you should connect to the internet if you are not already connected.

    Click the Online menu and select Get New Groups

    At this point, your Forté Free Agent software is downloading a huge list of all the news groups available to you. This process will take a long time. You can watch the status bar at the bottom which would indicate how many news groups it has downloaded.

    This is only a one time thing.

    Once your download is done, you'll be ready to use your Forté Free Agent software!

That's it!