Configuring CRT

This page will give you the basics in setting up CRT to let you telnet to a server.


  1. Launch CRT

  2. Everytime you launch CRT, you will get the Connect window.

    Click the New button.

  3. From the Session Preferences window:

    • In the Name: field enter a name for the server you are telneting to.
      In this example we will enter

    • Protocol: should be set to telnet

    • Enter the proper hostname or IP address in the Hostname or IP: field.
      In this example we will enter

    • The default telnet port is 23, but in some situation this could be different.
      In the Port: field enter the proper port, if you don't know what it is, leave it at 23

    • The rest should be fine as default.

    Click OK

  4. Select the profile you would like to connect to and click OK to connect.

    NOTE: If you need assitance in using your Access Internet UNIX Shell account refer to our FAQ's about Shell Access.

That's it!