Setting Up and Using CuteFTP in Windows

This page will give you the essentials for setting up CuteFTP in Microsoft Windows.


  1. Launch CuteFTP via Start -> Programs -> CuteFTP -> CuteFTP

  2. From the FTP Site Manager

    • Select the Personal FTP Sites folder
    • Click Add site

    • In the Add Host
      • In Site Label enter a name for the FTP site you are adding.
        In this example we will use Access Internet
      • In Host Address enter the address of the FTP site you want to connect to.
        In this example we will use our Public FTP site
      • Leave User ID and Password blank.
        We leave these fields blank because we are connecting to a "Public FTP Site" which uses an "anonymous" login.
      • In the Initial Remote Directory enter a directory you would like to start from on the FTP site; you may leave this blank.
        In this exmaple we used /pub/win/ which is where we have our Windows applications.
      • In Initial Local Directory you should notice a botton with two dots . . click this button.

        • Select the proper directory you would like to put your files in.

        • Click OK
      • The other fields are fine as they are by default, if you are interested in their use refer to CuteFTP's Help documentaion.

      • Click OK
  3. In FTP Site Manager you should have the site you just added listed.
    In our example this was Access Internet


  1. Starting from FTP Site Manager
    • Select a site you would like to connect to, in this example we will use the site labeld Access Internet
    • Click Connect

    • If you are presented with a Login Messages window read them as they will be helpfull in describing information regarding the site and/or files in it.
    • Click OK
  2. You should now be connected.

    Somethings to take notice in:
    • Files and folders on the right side belong to the FTP site you are connected to.
    • Files and folders on the left side belong to your local Computer.
    • At the top under the menus there are some buttons. These buttons are short cuts in performing certain tasks.
      For example the first button at the left in our example with a pciture of an opened book will take you back to the FTP Site Manager. If you hold your mouse cursor over one of these buttons for a second or two you will get a little description of the button.

    • To Copy:
      • You can Click & Drag files or folders from the FTP Site (LEFT) to your Local Computer (RIGHT).
    • To Delete:
      • Right Click on the file you would like to delete and select Delete
    • To Rename:
      • Right Click on the file you would like to delete and select Rename...
      • Enter a new name for that file (NOTE: On UNIX FTP sites like ours, all files/folders are case sensative: meaning Index.html is different than index.html.)
      • Click OK
    • To Make a new directory:
      • Right Click on an empty area of either the FTP Site (RIGHT) or your Local Computer (LEFT) and selelct Make new directory...

      • Enter the new directory name
      • Click OK
    • Other features
      • This information should help you with most tasks.
        Refer to the Help file on CuteFTP by clicking the Help menu at the top and selecting Contents for other functions.
  3. To Disconnect:
    • Click FTP from the top right.
    • Select Disconnect.