Setting Up Microsoft Windows 2000

This page will give you the essentials for setting up Microsoft Windows 2000 to Dial-Up and connect to Access Internet with your PPP account.


    1. Click on My Computer and move your mouse to Control Panel and click on Control Panel


2.From the Control Panel double click on the Networks and Dial-Up Connections programs icon.

3. From the Network and Dial-up Connections double click on the Make New Connection Programs icon.

4. Click Next on the Network Connection Wizard


5. In the Network Connection Type page click on

    * Dial-up to the Internet
       Connect to the Internet using my phone line (modem or ISDN)

  After clicking on Dial-up to the Internet click the Next button.

6. Now you should be on the Internet Connection Wizard.
   Click on I want to set up my internet connection manually, or
                 I want to connect through a local area network(LAN)
   Now click Next

7. In this wizard it will ask you if you would like to connect through a phone line and a modem or
connect through a local area network(LAN)

Click on I connect through a phone line and a modem then click Next

8. Now this Wizard is 3 steps.
** These fields are the most critical for Dial-Up Access
     Fill in your area code with your local dial-up number and click Next on the bottom.

In the User name field enter your username followed by "".
In the Password field enter your password

In The field below enter the connection name; Access Internet Communications

In the step below fill in following fields
    -and click on the Save Password
Now click on Dial, and you are on your way


**Congratulation you have successfully created your dial-up account.

Page created by Romel Soleyman