Setting Up FTP Voyager

This page will give you the essentials for setting up FTP Voyager in Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT with your Access Internet account.

Before you begin, you should know:
  1. Address of your FTP Server. This will be a domain name such as or a IP address such as

  2. Username and Password for your FTP Server.


  1. Launch FTP Voyager

  2. By default the Site Profile Manger window is displayed.

    Click New Site

  3. In the Name field enter a name you would like to use in order to remember this ftp site.

    In the FTP Site: field enter your FTP site.

    If you plan to login as Anonymous check the the Anonymous Login box.
    Other wise enter the appropriate Username and Password in their appropriate fields.

    Click Connect

  4. FTP Voyager uses the same simple interface as Windows Explorer. Using the same methods of click and drag download and upload files. Deleting is as simple as right clicking on a file and selecting Delete, Rename, New Folder etc.

That's it!