Setting Up Pegasus Mail

This page will give you the essentials for setting up Pegasus Mail in Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT with your Access Internet Email account.


  1. Launch Pegasus Mail

  2. If this is the first time you are launching Pegasus Mail you should get a window titled Setting up mailboxes
    If this is not your first time launching Pegasus Mail Click Here

    Select the Click here if there will only ever be one person running Pegasus Mail on this computer. button.


    Click OK


    Click Next

  5. In the blank field enter your email address (Ex: replace jsmith with your username)

    Click Next

  6. In the blank field enter

    Click Next

  7. In the User name: field enter your Access Internet username
    (NOTE: If you email address is, you'r username would be jsmith)

    Enter your password in the Password field.

    Click Next

  8. In the blank field enter

    Click Next

  9. Select Dialup

    Click Next

  10. Click Finish

That's it!

  1. Pull down the Tools menu and select Options...

  2. Select the Network Tab

    Under the Network field:

    • In the Your e-mail address is: field enter you email address.
      Ex: replace jsmith with your username.

    • In the POP3 host field enter

    • In the User name field enter you username

    • Enter your password in the Password field.

    • In the SMTP host field enter

That's it!!