Setting Up Microsoft Outlook -- Office `97

This page will give you the essentials for setting up Microsoft Outlook -- Office `97 in Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT with your Access Internet E-mail account.

Before you begin, you should know:

  1. Your username, ex: If your email address is your username would be jsmith
  2. Your password.


  1. Launch MS Outlook

  2. Click Tools

    Select Services...

  3. From the Services tab select Internet Mail

    Click Properties

  4. In the General tab:

    • Enter your name in the Full name: field.
    • Enter your E-mail address in the E-mail address: field
    • In the Internet Mail server: enter
    • Enter your username in the Account name: field.
    • And your password in the Password: field.

  5. Click the Advanced Options... button


    Click OK

  6. From the Internet Mail window click the Connection tab

    Select Connect using the modem

    Select your Access Internet dial-up profile

    Click OK

    Click OK again

That's it!