Reinstalling Remote Access Service from MS Windows NT 4.0

This page will give you instructions on reinstalling RAS (Remote Access Service) from MS Windows NT 4.0. You should only do this if you believe RAS is corrupt. There are two things which usualy go corrupt in NT which are either RAS or the TCP/IP protocol. If you believe that your TCP/IP protocol is the one which is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled Click Here otherwise follow the instructions on this page.

Before you begin, you should know:

  1. Your username, ex: If your email address is your username would be jsmith

  2. Your password.

  3. A local POP (Points Of Presence) number which you can obtain by clicking here

  4. Your MS Windows NT 4.0 CD-ROM/Disks or I386\ directory.
    Warning: If you don't have your NT installation software, you must stop now and look for your software. Otherwise we will not be able to reinstall your RAS and therefore you won't be able to connect to any machine via your modem.


  1. Click Start --> Settings --> Control Panel

    Double Click on the Network icon.

  2. From the Services tab select Remote Access Service and click Remove

  3. Windows will prompt you with Do you want to continue?

    Click Yes

  4. From the Network window click Close

    Windows will then prompt you with Do you wish to restart your computer now? click Yes

  5. Once your computer is done restarting click here to continue setting up your Dial-Up Networking.