Setting Up and Using Netscape Navigator / Gold in Windows

This page will give you the essentials for setting up Netscape Navigator / Gold on Microsoft Windows 95/98 for your Email, News, and Web site.


  1. Launch Navigator
    Wait while Navigator is completely loaded
    Click the Options menu and select General Preferences...
    Select the Appearance tab
    In the Browser Starts With field enter

    Click OK

  2. Click the Options menu and select Mail and News Preferences...
    In the Servers tab
    Under Mail
    • In the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server field enter
    • In the Incoming Mail (POP3) Server field enter
    • In the Pop3 User Name field enter your user name.
    Under News
    • In the News (NNTP) Server field enter

    Select the Identity tab and fill out the appropriate information.

    Click OK

  3. NOTE: Only follow this step if your Netscape Navigator "Gold". If you'r browser only says Netscape Navigator do not follow this step.
    Click the Options menu and select Editor Preferences...
    Select the Publish tab
    In the Publish to (FTP or HTTP) field enter
    (where 'u' = the first letter of your username and 'username' = your username on AIC) In the Browse to (HTTP) field enter the URL to your web site, ex:
    In the User name field enter your username
    In the Password field enter your password (Note: Your password is case sensative)

    Click OK

That's it!