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FAQ's about mIRC

Overview: accessing IRC with mIRC
Set up server information
Connect to an IRC server
Basic IRC commands
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Q. Overview: accessing IRC with mIRC ?

A. To access IRC, use Mirc to connect to an IRC server. We recommend "" or "".

After you connect to the server you can join a channel immediately, or you can ask to see a list of channels.

Connecting to the IRC server is like walking into a building with many rooms. If you know what room you want, you can go directly there. Otherwise you can ask to see a list of some or all of the rooms.

When you join a channel it is a good idea to "lurk" for a while--watch the flow of conversation, get a feel for how IRC works. Channels often contain several overlapping conversations.

Q. Set up server information ?

A. Before you can connect to an IRC server, you have to set up mIRC with the server information. You should set up more than one IRC server, in case the one you usually use does not work.

  1. Choose Setup from the File menu.
  2. For "Real Name" type a name. This does not have to be your real name.
  3. For "E-Mail" type your email address.
  4. For "Nick Name" type the name you want to use in the channel.

    Note: If someone on the IRC server you connect to is already using that nickname you will have to choose another.

  5. For "Alternate" type an alternate nickname to use if your first choice is already being used.
  6. Add a server.

    a) For "IRC Server" type the server name.

    For example, "".

    b) For "Port" type "6667".
    c) Click Add Server.

  7. Repeat step 6 for a few more servers.

    Other servers to add are (Note that this does not start with "irc".)

  8. Click OK to close the Setup window.

Q. Connect to an IRC server ?

A. There are two ways to connect to a server.

  1. Choose Connect from the File menu.

    Mirc attempts to open the first server on the list in the Setup window. When you connect, you see a series of server messages.

  2. If you cannot connect to the first server, try connecting another way

    a) Choose Setup from the File menu to open the Setup window.
    b) Select a server on the server list.
    c) Click Connect.

    Repeat these steps, trying different servers, until you connect to a server.

Q. Basic IRC commands ?

A. Once you are connected there are a few essential commands.

Note: The commands are listed here with a "/" at the beginning. Every command must be preceded by a "/" or the server will not interpret it as a command.

If you are in a channel, anything typed without a "/" is sent to the channel. If you are not in a channel, typing without a "/" does not do anything.

/join #channelname  - join a channel. For example, "/join #pdx"

/part #channelname  - leave a channel. For example, "/part #pdx"

/list               - list all channels. Warning! This can take a long
                      time, as there are thousands of channels.

/list [#string]     - lists all channels with that string of characters in their name. 

                      For example, "/list #greek" would show 
                      "#greekmyths" and "#greeklang".

/list -min x        - list all channels with a minimum of x users. 

                      For example, "/list -min 8" lists all channels with 
                      at least 8 users.

/list -max y        - list all channels with a maximum of y users. 

                      For example, "/list -max 12" lists all channels with 12 or less users.

/list -min x -max y - list all channels with more than x and less than y users. 

                      For example, "/list -min 8 -max 12" lists all 
                      channels with 8-12 users.

/whois nickname     - find out information about the person.

                      For example, to find out information about a user 
                      with the nickname "apollo", type "/whois apollo".

/nick nickname      - change your nickname. 

                      For example, to change your nickname to "athena" type 
                      "/nick athena".

Q. For more information ?

A. You can get help in IRC itself by joining the channel "#irchelp".

To use Mirc's online help, choose Contents from the Help menu.