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FAQ's about Ewan

What is Ewan ?
Open a telnet connection ?
Connect to a site ?

Q. What is Ewan ?

A. Ewan is a telnet application for Windows. For a more detailed description of what TELNET is and for more general information about TELNET, see the "telnet" help file.

Q. Open a telnet connection ?

A. To open a telnet connection to Access using Ewan

  1. Open Ewan.
  2. Set up a host profile.

    a) Click New.
    b) For "Name" type "Access".
    c) For "Network address or host name" type "".
    d) For "Service (port)" select "Telnet".
    e) Click OK.

  3. The name "Access" has appeared in the "Connect to site" window.
  4. Select "Access" and click OK.

    The Terminal window opens, and a login prompt appears.

  5. Type your username and press return.
  6. Type your server password and press return.

Q. Connect to a site ?

A. To connect to a site where you do not have an account

  1. Create a host profile as in step 2 above. Remember, use the site's site name for the "Network address or host name" field.
  2. When you connect to the site, use the name and password provided. Sometimes you use your email address as a password, and sometimes a password is not required. If you are not given a password, but are asked to type one, use your email address.