Amended Acceptable Use Policy for DSL Customers:

DSL Customers of ACCESS INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. should have an understanding of the Internet and must abide by some simple rules and regulations.

No one owns the Internet and there is not one contact point for it. ACCESS INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. can not control the information that you might receive while using your connection to the Internet. It is understood that you access information on the Internet at your own risk. ACCESS INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. does not censor the Internet and has no control over what data is transmitted to you. ACCESS INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. is not responsible for information on the Internet, which may be unedited, uncensored, and offensive to you.

ACCESS INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. cannot accept any responsibility for injury to its customers that results from inaccurate, unsuitable or offensive Internet communications. It is up to the individual user to decide their use of this information and make appropriate use of monitoring software that is available from many third party vendor, which can provide filtering and parental control for offensive material.

As to the content that our customers make available on the Internet for others to receive, ACCESS INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS, INC. will not condone the following:

If ACCESS INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS, INC becomes aware of any of the above violations having taken place, we will be prompted to investigate the customer. If further investigation confirms that a violation of our policies has occurred, the customer will be subject to immediate cancellation of his/her account without prior notification.

Last Updated on 01-May-2000 16:33:33 PDT