Setting up Claris Emailer Lite

This page will give you the essentials to setup Claris Emailer Lite to work with your Access Internet e-mail account.


  1. Launch Claris Emailer Lite

  2. Click Setup and select Internet Setup

  3. From the Internet Service Entry window...

    • Uncheck Use Internet Config

    • Check Ignore already read messages

    • Uncheck Do not delete read messages

    • Enter your name in Account name:

    • Enter your username in User name:
      NOTE: This is the prefix of your email address EX:

    • Enter your return email address in Email address:
      NOTE: This is the email address that shows up in the "Reply to" header of your emails.

    • Enter your in Email account
      EX: If your user name is jsmith, you would enter

    • Enter your password in Email password:
      Note: Your password is case sensative.

    • Enter in SMTP host:

    • Click Save

That's it!