Referral Program:

Program Changes: We regret to inform our customers that the Referral Program has been temporarily suspended pending Accounting Server Upgrades. This Program suspension began on 01 March 2000 and is expected to be lifted by Q4 2000. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will begin honoring Customer Referrals after the upgrades have been completed.

About the program ...

The referral program was created to reward those customers who have brought their family, friends, co-workers and even businesses.
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How it works ...

For each new customer you bring, which opens an account and remains a customer for two (2) months, you will receive a credit worth the value of their account up to your current account value.

Usage credits are nontransferable and have no cash value. (You can't rack up a year's worth of usage credits and then ask for a check to be cut.) There is no limit on the number of usage credits you can acquire. If you should, for some unknown reason, choose to leave, any referral credits accrued and unused will be voided. Referral credits have no expiration date.

This program is limited only by your ability to bring in customers. If you can bring in customers on a steady basis, you may never have to pay for another month of on-line time. Do a really good job and we might just find a desk for you in the marketing/sales department (^_^)

How to refer a new customer ...

When the customer signs up with us (either by phone or through our on-line form) make sure they put you down as "how they heard about us". They MUST put your username (or UID) ( or full name, otherwise you won't get credit.

How to claim a reward ...

Rewards are tracked by our accounting department. After the customer has been a customer for two (2) months, your account will be credited. Only one (1) usage credit can be redeemed per month.

Please use our on-line form to tell your friends about us.