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Palace Server Hosting:

You can host your very own Palace with us! We use state of the art equipment and a T1 connection to the Internet. This means no "Lag" due to server bog-down. Of course we cannot be responsible for Internet traffic elsewhere.
The Palace

  Service Type
Palace Server Basic Palace Server Premium
   Monthly Cost $35 $50
   Start-Up Cost $0 $0
Email Services:
   POP3 mailboxes 1 1
   Email Forwarding Y Y
   Email Autoresponders Y Y
   Mail Spool (MB) 10 10
Technical Features:
   Maximum Simultaneous Connections 50 100
   Disk storage (MB) 100 200
   Bandwidth (MB/day) 200 200
   Detailed web statistics Y Y
   Access to raw log files Y Y
   FTP access to your account Y Y
   Anonymous FTP Y Y
   UPS power backup Y Y
CGI Capabilities:
   Your own cgi-bin directory Y Y
   Server Side Includes Capability Y Y
Multimedia Support:
   Midi file support Y Y
   Support known MIME types Y Y

Please call our business office at 408-777-8190 to discuss your needs or email the appropriate department.

What options do I have to consider?

Your biggest decision will be your Palace address. A palace address consists of a domain name and a server port number. For example, a typical Palace address would be, where "" is the domain name and "9998" is the server port. So, you must decide if having your own domain name is important to you. Either way this single palace server hostng package will provide you with the means to setup either way.

We'll set it up for you!

Just let us know that you'd like us to initially setup your default Palace for you. We'll install it then you can customize it!

For a full list of Palace Servers hosted with us follow this link.

(domain name registration fee not included).

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