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Turnkey ISP Systems:

We are a major player in the design and build of Turnkey Internet Service Provider systems for delivery around the world.

We have shipped systems as far as Guatemala and Phillipines and as close as downtown San Francisco. We can provide complete turnkey systems for ISP's including.....

We extensive experience in the design and installation of systems ranging from small, dial-up PPP servers to nationwide Wide-Area-Networks with multiple protocols and transmission medium. We have in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software components required to support PPP Dial-Up service, site-to-site leased line connections, commercial web hosting and related Internet services. We have successfully installed ISP systems in the US and foreign countries and are currently supporting ISP operations in the US and Central America with continuing technical support.

Our own experience with ISP operations allows us to select the right equipment for each application and to provide a solid, reliable system architecture. We can provide a range of configuration options based on desired services, expected user load, security requirements and internet connection type (protocol and speed).

The following sections provide a brief description of our services relating to ISP operations.

System Specification - Our support for Turnkey ISP Systems begins with requirements definition and system specification. During this phase, we work with you to select the right hardware and software components to support the desired Internet Services and expected user load.

Hardware/Software Procurement - Following System Specification, we work with national vendors to procure the necessary hardware and software components on a priority availability basis and at highly competitive prices. We accept delivery of all system components at our Cupertino, Ca facility and perform initial equipment burn-in and checkout under the supervision of our trained network engineers.

Hardware/Software Installation and Configuration - The initial install, configuration and testing of all system hardware and software components is performed at our Cupertino facility and produces a pre-configured, plug-and-play system to support the desired Internet services at the selected service location. Each hardware and software component is fully tested in an actual Internet environment under actual user load. End-to-end testing is performed on the entire system to ensure hardware and software interoperability and communications. Any system problems are isolated and corrected prior to deployment to the selected service location.

System Administrator Training - Training for ISP System Administrators is performed at our location, during equipment configuration. A combination of structured classroom instruction and hands-on training provides the system administrator with in-depth experience in all facets of ISP operations from set-up through day-to-day operations and problem correction.

On-Site Install - Our technicians perform initial installation, configuration and testing of all system components at the selected ISP service location. All problems are isolated and corrected. Thorough, end-to-end testing is performed to verify all desired Internet services to the end user - your customers.

On-Site Training - Following initial install at the selected service location, we provides hands-on training to system administrators and support technicians to familiarize them with day-to-day operations and to reinforce the training performed at our Cupertino facility. This training can include system operation, customer support issues and configuration and installation of related support services.

Continuing Technical Support - We provides ongoing technical support to each delivered ISP system via telephone, Email and our own ISP customer support Web Site. When required, our technicians travel to the selected service location to aid in recovery of system failures and the installation and configuration of new system components or services. We provide speedy problem resolution, assistance for day-to-day operations and technical engineering support for specification and implementation of new services as your company grows. Through our connections to the ISP market, we keep you abreast of new developments in the ISP business and help you plan future enhancements.

Security Support - Our technicians are well schooled in the security aspects of the Internet and can help your company choose a hardware/software configuration and operations strategy to provide the desired security level to your operations and to your customers. Ourtechnicians stay abreast of current developments in Internet security and in current Internet hacking techniques and incidents. We can help you balance the openness of an ISP service to the real security needs of your customers.

Remote Internet Services - We provides remote support of selected Internet services direct to your customers through our ISP operations in Cupertino, Ca. This approach allows you to offer resource and bandwidth intensive Internet services at a minimum investment of time and money. These remote support services are very effective at providing bandwidth intensive services to areas where limited Internet bandwidth is available. These services are transparently merged with local services to provide a complete Internet Services suite to your customer.

We believe we brings a unique level of experience and expertise to the design and implementation of Internet services. This background is coupled with very competitive prices and excellent response time, designed to get you up and running with a minimum of cost and time. We know that once you make the decision to become an ISP, you don't want to expend all of your time and money just getting started. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you in detail about your requirements and to detail our services for you.

Please call our business office at 408-777-8190 to discuss your needs or email the appropriate department.