Guarantee of Service:

We are very aware that we have a lot of competition as far as the Bay Area ISP market is concerned and we think you have a right to ask "What makes you guys so special?". From the start, we intend to offer a level of service, reliability and availability that you cannot find in any other ISP anywhere. What does that mean?

Fast, Reliable Technical Support ...

We are committed to offering fast, reliable tech support to our users. We offer support via Email, Telephone and Fax.

Work to get you on-line ...

We will first to help you get on-line via phone technical support. If phone support is unable to get you on-line, you may bring your computer to our service center where it will be diagnosed and Internet-ready within 24 hours. If your computer should require additional hardware, We will recommend the appropriate solution and work with you to get it installed and Internet-ready.

Note: Any user wishing to bring in their computer must make an appointment first.